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A colossal failure of leadership

Melvin B. Miller
A colossal failure of leadership
“He wants us to get his makeup artist and hair stylist for his next performance.”

The presidential election has become more than the determination of who will occupy the White House for the next four years. For some people, Donald Trump’s performance in the recent debate was an intolerable embarrassment. Everyone knows that Trump is reluctant to adhere to the imposition of anyone’s rules. However, there are necessary requirements in a debate to enable both parties to present their positions. Trump’s disruptive behavior ruined the event for interested citizens and presented to the world an undignified image of the American presidency.

Such behavior is not an aberration. Trump consistently lies to the people. Very often the purpose of the lies is to cover up administrative mistakes. The absence of sound presidential leadership has resulted in the loss of lives in the Covid-19 pandemic that could have been saved. The scientists have established that wearing masks and maintaining a distance of six feet between individuals will save lives. However, Trump arrogantly chose not to enforce those directions.

The consequence has been disastrous. There have been more than 7.36 million cases of infection in the U.S. with more than 210,000 deaths. It is not a satisfactory rebuttal to point out that the U.S. is a well-populated nation, so the rate would naturally be high. A comparison of the number of deaths per million inhabitants provides an even more unacceptable result. With a record of 632.92 deaths per million residents, the rate is absolutely unsatisfactory for a highly industrialized nation.

Germany has performed more efficiently. The rate in Germany was 114.67 deaths per million residents. Japan was only 12.49 per million and South Korea was 8.06. New Zealand, which responded quickly to the crisis had a loss rate of only 5.12 per million. It is embarrassing to note that Brazil, whose governmental management is hardly meritorious, had a loss rate of 690.7 deaths per million, just slightly higher than the U.S.

It must be pointed out that data for these statistics are provided by each country, and the accuracy is a function of the integrity and carefulness in compiling the reports. Nonetheless, it is not unreasonable to expect that the president of the greatest industrial nation would have the capacity to implement a functional protective program to save citizens’ lives in a ravaging pandemic.

Trump has been defeated by Covid-19. American citizens have been needlessly stricken in the streets, and even Trump was unable to gain the upper hand. Trump’s loss, which creates an incapacitated president, puts the whole country at risk. The first responders have to answer the call to care for those infected. Those who become afflicted because of presidential arrogance have to seek help from overworked medical facilities, while the creator of the crisis is cared for luxuriously.

No civilized person would wish Covid-19 infection on anyone. Indeed, the Banner wishes a quick recovery to anyone so afflicted, even those whose careless or arrogant failure to employ protective safeguards may have done harm to others. Even while wishing everyone well, the coming election will determine for the rest of the world whether Americans are willing to accept such debased conduct in their president.

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