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It’s time to focus on winning with Biden

Melvin B. Miller
It’s time to focus on winning with Biden
“Democrats’ continual criticism of Biden certainly won’t help us at the polls.”

Trump supporters would have us believe that the Jan. 6 insurrection was the result of rabid anti-Biden protestors gone awry. However, the result of the congressional investigation reveals that the violence was planned. It is now clearly evident that Trump and his cohorts had laid plans to disrupt the prescribed process for counting the electoral votes in order to claim the office of president for Trump. He had been informed that he did not win the 2010 election.

Many Republicans seem to be willing to disavow the requirements of the Constitution and reject the provisions essential to the survival of the American democratic republic. This saga provides a classic example of how committed revolutionaries, through sustained discipline, can supplant a democratic system that is weakened by the necessity of respecting the political positions and attitudes of other political parties.

Instead of learning from the discipline and imagination of their opponents, many Democrats have joined with the Republicans in unsupportable criticism of President Biden. There is absolutely no basis for criticizing Biden when his performance is compared with the incompetence of his predecessor.

Trump failed to pursue practices needed to protect Americans from the Covid-19 epidemic. When Biden took office only 1% of Americans were vaccinated. With his intensive Covid relief package 74% of Americans now have had at least one shot, the result of a $1.9 trillion Covid relief program.

Biden was also concerned with the economic losses to Americans because of Covid. His American Rescue Plan provided $1,400 to individuals, $15 billion in grants to small businesses, $350 billion state and local governments, and $30 billion in aid to renters and small landlords.

The implementation of Biden’s Build Back Better Plan was stymied by the lack of Republican support. An increase of 15% in SNAP funds and payments to families with children eliminated child poverty for a short time, but there was no Republican support in Congress to continue it.

Several Biden proposals to improve public access to healthcare have been killed by the Republicans. Biden wants to lower the cost of drugs, lower the age of Medicare from 65 to 60, and to provide that no individual will have to pay more than 8.5% of his or her income on health insurance.

Republicans have had to resort to lying and deceiving uneducated working-class whites in order to create a political bloc. Democrats have been unable to destroy the white supremacy concept that has survived since the days of slavery. Nonetheless, it is still worthwhile to induce low-income whites to see that they do not benefit financially from racism.

Democrats must at least understand that Biden is victimized by many white voters because he stands for equality. Even those who are indifferent about support for Biden ought to be strong Democrats during the mid-term elections in the hope of electing more Democrats to the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. Without success of the Democratic Party in the coming elections there will be limited support for working-class Americans.

It should be clear to everyone that many Republicans are willing to endorse unpatriotic strategies to control the nation’s wealth. Democrats should be aware that they confront a vigilant and determined adversary.